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25_yearsDance Fitazzet Philosophy

Children can develop many life skills from dance classes that go far beyond the practical applications such as respect, time management, commitment and the importance of setting goals. Dance teaches children discipline and self control, how to share attention and cooperate with others.  Dance is a great way to encourage physical fitness and active living at a young age. At Dance Fitazzet we place an emphasis on personal development, building self esteem and total enjoyment.

Dress Code for all Tap, Jazz and Ballet classes

Students will be expected to wear a body suit and tights or a tank top and proper dance pants/dance shorts.  Dance wrap tops, shear skirts or leg warmers are permitted.  No T-shirts or loose street tops will be acceptable.  Any students who persist in wearing inappropriate clothing will not participate in the class.

Ballet: pink ballet slippers with pink elastics sewn across the arch to secure.

Jazz/ Pre Dance: black ballet slippers with black elastics sewn across the arch to secure or black lace up jazz oxfords.

Tap: beginner classes – black patent leather tap shoes, please replace all shoe laces with black elastics to secure.  Junior/Intermediate/Senior dancers –  Black oxford style tap slip on or lace up shoes.

Hip-Hop: dance pants/shorts and tank top with either hip hop/jazz shoes.

Lyrical: dance pants/shorts and a tank top with beige lyrical shoes.

Acro: bodysuit and cut off tights/shorts and a tank top. Acro shoes

Hair should be pulled back off the face in a ponytail or a bun for all classes including Hip-Hop.  No chewing gum in the Studios.